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About Us

As one of subsidiary companies of OPPEIN (the largest cabinetry manufacturer in Asia), OPPEIN STONE provides stone slabs of granite, marble, quartz stone and acrylic solid surface. Furthermore, we offer customized countertops of various color and edges, with annual output of 300,000 pieces of stone slabs and 30,000 pieces of countertops.

Innovative and functional, OPPEIN STONE is becoming increasingly important in the market, meanwhile, we have already exported to over 120 countries.

If you're not familiar with OPPEIN STONE, the following information will bring you a new
understanding of us.

■ Founded in 1994                               ■ Headquartered in Guangzhou, China

More than 1000 employees in domestic 

■ OPPEIN STONE has 30 facilities, such as a state-of-art production center, fabrication and distribution centers.

■ With years of export experience, our transport system has been growing safely and powerfully, and our products can be transferred to anywhere of the world.

■ We offer stone slabs of greatest quality—nonporous, scratch and stain resistant, maintenance free. In addition, we fabricate economical, long life and durable countertops.

■ Quality certificates, which are the honor of our efforts.
(National Stone Product Quality Supervision and Testing Report)

■ Need to get in touch? Contact us now!
info@oppeinstone.com or +86 20 36730513